Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20th- Day 68

Sweater- Janie and Jack (gift from Aunt Amy)
Onesie- Children's Place
Overalls- Janie and Jack
Socks- Old Navy

March 19th- Day 67

Top- Carters

March 18th- Day 66

Onesie and overalls- Osh Kosh (gift from grandma)

March 17th- Day 65

He is trying to do Twinkle Twinkle here

Top- Old Navy
Jeans- babyGAP

March 16th- Day 64

Top- Jumping Beans (gift from Uncle Rob & Aunt Ashley)
Pants- Carters
Socks- Old Navy

March 15th- Day 63

Jacket- Gymboree
Jeans- babyGAP (gift from the Fitlin family)
Socks- Old Navy

March 14th- Day 62

Onesie- Carters

March 13th- Day 61

Onesie- babyGAP

March 12th-Day 60

Trying on stuff for summer

Hat, shirt, pants- Gymboree

March 11th- Day 59

Jacket, Onesie, Pants- Gymboree

March 10th- Day 58

Top and pants set- Old Navy

March 9th- Day 57

One piece- babyGAP

March 8th- Day 56

Jacket and Pants set- Carters (gift from Mrs Todd)

March 7th- Day 55

Shirt- babyGAP
Pants- The Children's Place

March 6th- Day 54

His best buddy Dean's 1st birthday
(the concept worked better in my head then in real life execution)

Jacket- Little Me (gift from grandma)
Top and Bottom Set- Carters (gift from grandma)

March 5th- Day 63

Shirt- babyGAP (gift from Aunt Kim & Uncle Ben)
Jeans- babyGAP (gift from Uncle Ben & Aunt Kim)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 4th- Day 62

Nine months old!

Polo- The Childrens Place
Suspenders- Janie & Jack

March 3rd- Day 61

One piece- Carters (gift from Aunt Tina)

March 2nd- Day 60

One piece- Carters

March 1st- Day 59

Shirt- Jumping Beans (gift from Aunt Ashley & Uncle Rob)

Feburay 28th- Day 58

Shirt- Carters

Febuary 27th- Day 57

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit

Febuary 26th- Day 56

Onesie- Carters
Pants- Carters

Febuary 25th- Day 55

Pre haircut

Overall set- Carters (gift forget from who)

Post haircut

Polo Onesie- Osh Kosh (gift from Aunt Tina)
Overalls- Osh Kosh (gift from grandma)

Febuary 24th- Day 54

Dragon one piece- babyGAP

Febuary 23rd- Day 53

Outfit Set- Carters

Febuary 22nd- Day 52

Outfit Set- Carters (gift from Mrs Todd)
Socks- Rutgers (gift from Uncle Ben & Aunt Kim)

Febuary 21st- Day 51

Polo and overalls- Janie and Jack